FANDOM In this video a beautiful defense of our Lord Jesus is given and Matt Dillahunty loses his composure after realizing how inverted his logic is and commits the fallacy of Argumentum ad Populum.

The video got yanked by Google because Matt issued a bogus DCMA take down notice. In it this wise Christian first tricked Matt into stating that it is impossible for the resurrection of Christ to have occurred because non-living matter cannot become living. The Christian then pointed out, that by the same logic evolution from non-living matter is impossible. Matt realized he walked into a trap and was very angry, usually he calmly shreds the callers Evidential logic to pieces, which is why almost 99% of callers should not call in. Matt refuses though to debate his intellectual equivalent, namely Bruggencate because he cannot resolve Agrippa's trilemma.

Presuppositionalism does not commit the Loaded question fallacy as stated by Matt Dillahunty but resolves Agrippa's trilemma.

Links Edit Matt Dillahunty error is that logic cannot be demonstrated, he had to bootstrap law of excluded middle in order to express his view around 5min. and elsewhere. If he only accepts what can be demonstrated then we can't accept the very sentence itself because it hasn't been demonstrated.

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