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".... only God can start with God, humans can't, we start with self-consciousness .... with self-consciousness always comes an awareness of finitude.... you cannot start in your mind with God's thoughts ...

.... humans must start with where they are ..."

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Sproul invoked the Law of excluded middle without presupposing God as the justification for this law of logic. Consciousness derives its meaning as Platonic opposite to unconsciousness in terms of the Law of Excluded middle. By stating that we must start with self-consciousness Sproul is stating that we must start with some sort of justification for the law of Platonic binary opposites that is not God. Any word, phrase or sentence derives its meaning strictly in terms of Platonic binary opposites(excluded middle). Evidentialism attempts to justify the laws of logic from the finite, but because what we don't know could contradict what we do know, it results in rhetorical circularity reflecting Hume's problem of induction. Thus one must start with Infinite knowledge , deriving God by starting with God. By necessity man with finite knowledge must start with God who knows everything in order to justify the Platonic notion that God exists or doesn't exist, finitude/infinitism etc. is our only option. We start with the laws of logic as revealed to us by God, by assuming God first.


Links Edit ingteresting points made on eyes of God, metaphorical language etc.

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