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The st-5 was HackPatents by koreans and is sold in china, korea in a low-key fashion. The ST-5 is a rugged engine designed to produce over 5 hp of mechanical power reliably and on demand, directly from a variety of renewable and gaseous fuels. Its external combustion Stirling cycle eliminates spark-plugs, fuel-injection systems, mufflers, noxious fumes and, very noticeably, the noise of internal combustion engines. This lack of complexity coupled with the use of high quality sealed bearings and long life Teflon impregnated seals, eliminates the need for messy oil changes and makes possible a long, trouble-free engine life. The ST-5 has been designed to be user serviceable with a minimum of basic hand tools.

Nobutoshi Tezuka
Stirling Engine Co, Ltd.
1-634-12, marukodori
Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-City, 211-0006, Japan,

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